Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wasn't It Just Yesterday?

My eldest daughter, Lisa, lives in Washington. We try to get together at least twice a year either here or there or somewhere exotic. I count the days until she arrives and attempt to get every drop of fun and memories out of each visit. We both love to take early morning walks along the paths that we have taken since she was born. This time, we will revisit those childhood memories once again.

Welcome home.... Lisa

Gretchen, Lisa and three girls!  So happy to reconnect.

 Nonna will be 97 soon and she still drives over to see her first born grandchild.

Lisa arrived just in time to celebrate Chanel's 18th.

And to frost  cupcakes with Piper.

All five of my children joined me at  Don Jose's, a restaurant that we used to go to when they were small. Food not so good, memories, priceless.

This bronze nymph graces the front of our friends home. Her beauty and grace are a  compliment to the sea  and sky around her. One of our favorite things.

 It' s cold and blustery walk this time of year,  but we both agree, we wouldn't have it any other way. The air fills our lungs with clean, fresh ,cold , invigorating air.  

Lisa has always loved mermaids. When she was very little, we took her on a boat trip and she looked and looked for the mermaids. She was sure that she saw one in the ocean. This weather vane is one of her favorite landmarks right above the sandy beach that she played on as a child. It's the same sandy beach I  also played on as a different then.
Lisa's  visit wouldn't be complete without a trip to Newport Dunes to visit the whale.
 In the summer, the whale floats in the bay . It's just far enough off shore  to swim to and dive from. It's been there since I can remember. During their childhood, I packed  all 5 kids in the station wagon once or twice  a week and  off we went to the Dunes or Balboa to swim and swing and have a picnic .

You're never too old to swing!

Our time together is coming rapidly to a close. It has  been a wonderful 10 days, packed with activities and visits with loved ones. I have loved the early morning walks,coffee in the morning by the fire, the days spent visiting childhood places , the laughter as we all gathered together to celebrate birthdays, make cupcakes, build Lego's with the little ones, support my grandson as he auditions for a new School, dinners with all of my kids together, watching movies  and laughing our heads off, remembering old times and friends not seen often enough.   Our last evening together will be spent making plans for our next visit. It's the only way either one of us can bear the departure tomorrow. Wasn't it just yesterday that her plane landed and we had 10 days together stretched out before us?

Wasn't it just yesterday, that we took this bike ride?

Enjoy every precious moment of your life!


Judy Hartman said...

What a lovely family you have, and what a beautiful visit with your daughter Lisa. I love the way you describe the area you live in. You are fortunate to be able to visit scenes from both of your childhoods!
My daughter lives in Canada, so I can appreciate how precious these visits are!

From Your Mindseye said...

Thanks, Judy. I can tell you have a similar relationship with Kate. We are so fortunate.

Kitchen Benchtops said...

What a nice memory of a family gathering! This is way lovely and well put together...