Friday, September 28, 2012

Autumn Daze

The promise of Autumn is only slightly detectable this year. I look for it in late August and sometimes I am rewarded early. But this year is different. The weather has been unusually warm and humid for Southern California.  Cool evenings have been replaced by close, muggy nights. Not my favorite, that is for sure.

I  see the subtle signs all around me even though I have to look a little harder. The trees in the parkway have a few red pops among the green. Father down the street, where the ocean breeze must blow a little cooler and longer, the trees are almost all red.

The line of cars waiting to pick up the kids from school every afternoon snakes up and around the hill. a sure sign that summer is over. It just hasn't caught up with the temperature yet.

Hopeful for a change, I   proceed with my usual seasonal  tradition.  The inside of the home is decked out with warm Fall colors. .

My grandchildren love to see the tables change every season. It gives us all something to look froward to .

The pumpkins,fall leaves and  pheasants have replaced the shells, starfish and sea glass of summer on my dining room table.

 Warm candles glow every sunset in every room. The smell of cinnamon and other spices permeate the air.

I come home each evening to a warm, cozy embracing environment and I feel safe and loved.

My favorite time of year has arrived and I am in an Autumn Daze.