Tuesday, July 24, 2012


The other day, I watched a wonderful movie that reminded me of the importance of using our imaginations. It was called The Magic of Belle Island.

A crotchety old author moved to the Island to drink away the rest of his days in bitterness and disappointment His neighbors, a newly divorced mother and her three daughters changed all of that for him.  His impact on  their lives was powerful as well.

One of the girls had a vivid imagination, but she was not aware of her gift. She wanted to learn from the author how to tell a story. He reluctantly became her mentor. And as often happens, the teacher becomes the student. They both learned from each other about life, love and how to tell a story. It was very inspiring.

The process of Transcendent Art takes some imagination. One of the great joys of my life is painting and telling stories to go with the paintings.  I love to imagine different scenes that reside outside of my view. I can spin a tale about  unseen places and get away from the cares of the world for a few moments.

They are stolen moments that come with much peace and joy for me. And my  hope for anyone viewing them and listening to the story will come away with a new perspective, relaxed and hopeful for the future.  Please join me on this imaginative journey. A sample is available in the Gallery section of my website, www.drjuliette.com

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Transcendent Art came about as a result of my collaboration with an innovative , Emmy winning  design team. Together, we combined my original fine art with reflective, relaxing audio created specifically for each painting . The audio , using my voice and soft background music, takes the viewer on an imaginative journey through the painting. At first, we travel through what is visible on the canvas , pausing along the way to do deep breathing and relaxation techniques. The journey progresses to a place beyond the painting where imagination takes over. using guided imagery, deep breathing and autogenic training, viewing art takes on a new dimension . The benefits of this method are lower blood pressure, balanced heart rate, a relaxed state of well being and increased self esteem.

Here is a sample of one of the first offerings, my painting, Lazy Afternoon.

Can you imagine yourself in this canoe on a lazy afternoon? Feel the water gently rock you until all the cares of the world have dropped away. Imagine yourself leaving this canoe for a while to explore the unknown places that await you. It is your journey to take and to imagine and to use whenever you chose to bring yourself into a state of well being, relaxation, and increased self esteem.

This is a tiny bit of what Transcendent Art is designed  to do.

I hope you will come along and travel with me to a better place.