Saturday, July 7, 2012


Transcendent Art came about as a result of my collaboration with an innovative , Emmy winning  design team. Together, we combined my original fine art with reflective, relaxing audio created specifically for each painting . The audio , using my voice and soft background music, takes the viewer on an imaginative journey through the painting. At first, we travel through what is visible on the canvas , pausing along the way to do deep breathing and relaxation techniques. The journey progresses to a place beyond the painting where imagination takes over. using guided imagery, deep breathing and autogenic training, viewing art takes on a new dimension . The benefits of this method are lower blood pressure, balanced heart rate, a relaxed state of well being and increased self esteem.

Here is a sample of one of the first offerings, my painting, Lazy Afternoon.

Can you imagine yourself in this canoe on a lazy afternoon? Feel the water gently rock you until all the cares of the world have dropped away. Imagine yourself leaving this canoe for a while to explore the unknown places that await you. It is your journey to take and to imagine and to use whenever you chose to bring yourself into a state of well being, relaxation, and increased self esteem.

This is a tiny bit of what Transcendent Art is designed  to do.

I hope you will come along and travel with me to a better place.


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! So peaceful & serene. Lazy Afternoon...a perfect place to journey to.

Anonymous said...

Love your voice mom......very relaxing.