Sunday, January 8, 2012

January 8,1962

January 8, 1962

Before I went to bed the night before I gave birth, I gazed out at a bright, full harvest moon. It had been an inordinately hot day in Southern California for early January. The temperatures had risen to 95 degrees breaking all previous records for that date. It was strange , because just a few days before, my husband and visiting mother –in-law sloshed through mud to view the Rose Parade floats at the  viewing park they are placed in after the parade. I’m not a fan of heat, even in summer, and winter heat just aggravates me. My swollen, nine month pregnant frame, was ready for a change. And change was in the air.

My mother-in law teased me about being giddy. I guess I was. I just couldn’t wait to have my baby and start a new life. Her due date was the 9th. I was sure, like the rest of my relatives, I would still have a bit of a wait and I was getting inpatient.
Early the next morning, the beginning signs of labor became apparent. Off to the hospital we went, prepared for our new bundle of joy.
Later that evening, Lisa Anne Sprenger, 6 pounds 3 ounces , was born. She was a beautiful, strawberry blond , fair skinned baby, a stark contrast to my dark hair and olive skin. The nurses kept checking my identification to make sure they were bringing me the correct baby from the nursery. It made me laugh. Even though I am 100 % Italian, there are many fair haired, fair skinned beauties in our heritage. Besides that, my husband ‘s heritage is Swiss German. I was happy for the security anyway and so happy to be a Mom at last.

Lisa has always been an artistic creative child. When she was little, and supposedly “napping”, she would take Kleenex and make characters  from the fibers. Everyday I would find something creative that she had made during her “nap” . They would be recognizable dogs, cats, people. Whatever her mind could create.
When she was about 6 or 7, she found pieces of 2 x 4’s in the yard. She took the wood and drew faces on each piece, took scraps of fabric and dressed them and made a nativity scene. The barn was made of an old army blanket topped with a starfish. So creative.  It was the most heartfelt nativity scene of any I have ever seen.
 Another year, she took and old basket, some discarded perfume bottles and scraps of fabric and made another nativity scene.
Lisa has always loved Christmas and I would venture to say, secretly still believes in Santa. We can also include, the Easter Bunny , Tooth Fairy, and of course, Mermaids. Any trip to the beach was spent in constant pursuit of mermaid sightings. 
It is Lisa’s undying sense of wonder that makes her the creative Pre-school  teacher she is today.
It seems virtually impossible that 50 years have passed… in a heartbeat.
For the past 18 years, Lisa and her husband Tabb, have lived in Washington. It suits her there. She blends into the natural flow of life with ease. The change of seasons , rain and snow ,are always greeted with her continued sense of wonder. We miss her so much and often go there or send for her to come here. Our visits are packed with favorite pastimes, meals and memories. Lisa and Tabb have a good life and we are comforted by their love and devotion to each other and their pets.

Happy Birthday, my sweet girl. You continue to be the delightful, loving child that I first gazed upon 50 years ago. Your spirit is still as  young as it was on that day. And I know that it will always be kept young by your sense of wonder and creativity.

I love you, Mom